As people become increasingly health-conscious in the way they live, the body’s necessity to compensate increases as work hours grow longer, particularly sitting at desks and in front of computer screens. PeopleHydrolux look for truly innovative products to improve their health. The Hydrolux by Well System is one of these truly innovative products!

Hydrolux combines the innovative technology of dry water massage with the soothing effect of heat therapy. Warm water hydro jets hit the underside of the natural rubber bed creating a peaceful relaxing massage experience from head to toe without the inconvenience of disrobing.

The gentle force of the water helps to loosen tense, tight muscles. The warmth of the water penetrates the deep layers of the tissue and stimulates the clients’ flow of blood.

Hydrolux multifunction control allows clients to choose a specific massage program or create their own warm soothing massage that focuses on their specific needs.

Hydrolux is the ideal therapy supplement for clients suffering from stress, muscular tension and back pain. Low operating costs and minimal personnel requirements make Hydrolux very profitable.

Regular sessions will boost clients’ well-being and make every visit to the business an enjoyable experience. One session on the Hydrolux and clients will be booking more visits!
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